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Wholesale / Business Wholesale account.

Wholesale prices can see after Login with Business / Wholesale account.

( Minimum order Amount : Japanese Yen 100,000 )

Q1: How can apply for Business / Wholesale account?

Ans: You can register as a normal customer click here to apply after apply email to to update us with your email address to activate your Business / Wholesale account.

Q2: Where can I see wholesale prices?

Ans: Click here to see prices. Example.

Q3: How to pay for shipping charges?

Ans: Shipping is not free customer have to pay shipping cost.

Q4 : What's the policy to buy wholesale ?

Ans : The minimum wholesale purchase amount is $100,000 ( $1000 ) less amount order will be rejected.

Q5 : What's the warranty period of the wholesale products ?

Ans : 1 Week