IO DATA "Giga Crysta" LCD-GC252SXB 75Hz compatible & 24.5 Type Gaming Monitor

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75Hz compatible & 24.5 type gaming monitor for PS4® "Giga Crysta"LCD-GC252SXB

This product is a 75Hz compatible 24.5-inch gaming monitor "GigaCrysta" that achieves a response speed of 0.6ms [GTG] with an overdrive function. It is equipped with the best functions for games, such as the low delay mode of "about 0.02 frames (about 0.2 milliseconds)" and "Night Clear Vision" that displays dark scenes more clearly.

Equipped with a "screen mode" with preset settings suitable for the content. You can easily enjoy the video with a sense of realism according to the game. In addition, there are many functions that can be customized and satisfy the discerning group.


  • Compatible with AMD FreeSync ™! 
  • "Night Clear Vision" that can display the dark scenes of the game more clearly 
  • "Enhanced color" that adds sharpness and vividness to the image 
  • "Super-resolution technology" that projects clearly and beautifully 
  • "CREX" that automatically discriminates the image and makes it the optimum brightness 
  • Supports 10-bit color (1.07374 million colors) input! 
  • "Screen mode" that can display images according to the content 
  • Confirmed to work with various game consoles! 
  • Ideal for personal computers and AV equipment with abundant input terminals 
  • Easy-to-understand setting menu 
  • Eye-friendly and stress-free design 
  • Equipped with a power saving function that allows you to feel eco-friendly 
  • A display arm compatible with the VESA standard can also be attached!
  • NOTE : Power Cabel Included.