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Product name

  • Portable cooler
  • Product description
  • Just put water in the main body and turn on the power!
  • It can be used as a cool tabletop cooler using the heat of vaporization when water evaporates. It's cooler than a fan and not as cold as an air conditioner, so it's comfortable! The atmosphere of the room is very stylish with seven color LEDs. ON / OFF switchable
  • wind direction and air volume adjustable in three stages
  • can adjust the air direction angle in the vertical direction, the air volume is three steps weak, medium and strong for
  • mounting the three cooling and humidification, air cleaning ● function
  • takes in warm air Blows air cooled by the water in the tank.
  • Clean the air by passing it through the filter inside the body.
  • Because it's small, I want to cool it only here! I wish I could get here! Recommended in that case.
  • Specifications
  • Product size: Approximately 14.5×16.5×17.5cm
  • Input: DC5V, 2.0A
  • Power consumption: 10W
  • Main weight: 1.06kg
  • Accessories
  • body ×1
  • USB cable ×1
  • Manual