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Data Destruction is the process of permanently deleting data from a storage device. Once data is destroyed, it can never be recovered. Data wiping is a cheaper and faster option.Deleting data using specialized software ( Blancco Technology ) is a process of using a program that is designed to overwrite the data on a storage device so that it can no longer be recovered. This is often considered to be a more secure method of data destruction as it is more difficult to recover data that has been overwritten.

Destruction Techniques for Hard Drives, SATA, SSDs, SCSI, SAS, USB, NVMe, eMMC Drives are used by TOKYO PC Solutions

TOKYO PC Data Destruction, Supports the erasure of data on laptops, Macbooks, Desktop computers & mobile .We help our clients keep unnecessary chargebacks to a minimum by simplifying equipment returns. As part of our data disposal services, we remove the company-applied asset tags & destroy data.

  • Deleting data using specialized software is a process of using a program  ( Blancco Technology ) that is designed to overwrite the data on a storage device so that it can no longer be recovered.
  • Data destruction – via degaussing, crushing, erasure or on-site hard drive shredding. See below for a description of these services.
  • Inventory validation – All serial numbers of the storage devices are scanned and recorded and can be validated against client inventory lists. This service provides important audit trails, final inventory reconciliation and facilitates inventory reporting and same day Certificates of Data Destruction.
  • Packing and shipping of destroyed media, including shredded hard drives.
  • Certified recycling of destroyed drives at TokyoPc facility. 

Data Destruction Services

Businesses and individuals are worried about the secure destruction of data as the world moves towards a more digital future. When data is destroyed, it cannot be recovered from a storage device because it has been permanently deleted from it.

On-site Data Destruction

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Destroy digital data before it leaves your custody.

Because data breaches have become more common, companies are seeking to proactively manage digital data both in their live environment and on retired assets. On-site data destruction is being mandated more frequently today across large and small companies. Remove all data security risks associated with transporting data bearing assets.

We come to your location. At your convenience.


Off-site Data Destruction
  • You can either schedule a pickup in advance or call to schedule an on-demand pickup, allowing you to view the physical destruction of your drive, or we can pick up your drive off-site at a facility near you.
  • At every step of the shredding process, every touchpoint is secure to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s data.
  • Each service is accompanied by a certificate of destruction of hard drives.
  • Local partners secure the recycling of materials.
  • Your business will be assisted by specialists who can customize services that suit your needs.
  • Data and IT assets can be disposed of and destroyed without risk and in a sustainable manner when you engage our services.
  • The IT assets that we dispose of properly do not end up in landfills but are instead recycled using methods that are more sustainable..


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