Fujitsu Tablet Waterproof and Dustproof Android 4.4 Arrows Tab M555

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Fujitsu Tablet Waterproof and Dustproof Android 4.4 Arrows Tab M555 / KA4 10.1 Type Resolution (1280x800) 2GB 32GB Wireless LAN Bluetooth

  • Manufacturer name Fujitsu (FUJITSU)
  • Model number Arrows Tab M555 / KA4
  • CPU MSM8926 Quad Core 1.2GHz
  • Memory 2GB
  • SSD 32GB
  • LCD 10.1 type (1280 x 800)
  • Finger compatible
  • OS Android 4.4
  • Wireless LAN Yes
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Accessories USB cord
  • USB for charging Charger
  • Condition :
  • used products please see attached picture for study about condition,
  • Small scratches and dirt due to storage can be seen.
    * We cannot confirm that all the initial accessories and various parts are available . The
    warranty does not cover missing or missing parts or accessories, so please check the photos before purchasing.
    * The contents may differ from the case, so
    please check the image for product details .
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  • A=ほとんど傷がなく良い状態です。
  • B=擦り傷などがあり、使用感がありますが比較的きれいな状態です。
  • C=目立つ傷があります。
  • D=かなり使い込まれて状態が悪い。
  • ジャンク=そのままでの使用は困難です。(原則、保証/問合せなどお受けできません)
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  • ◎ Appearance rank table
  • S=Unused product
  • A = It is in good condition with almost no scratches.
  • B = There are scratches, etc., and there is a feeling of use, but it is in a relatively clean state.
  • C = There are noticeable scratches.
  • D = It has been used quite a bit and is in poor condition.
  • Junk = It is difficult to use as it is. (In principle, we cannot accept guarantees / inquiries)
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オークション ランク:
  • Rank 外観ランク表 = B