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Buy Branded English Computers Systems, Note Book Computers, English Software?s And Consumer Electronics at Low Prices In Japan

What we do >

Tokyopc is Only Online sales site, who not sales on his Office or warehouse locations, our aim to provide Low Prices to our customer’s .Tokyopc was established in 2000 as a Native trader of computers and peripherals. From that time, we've continued to grow tremendously by focusing on providing quality deals at aggressively low prices. Over the years, we’ve successfully expanded our product line to include a wide variety of heavily discounted brand name consumer electronics that can’t be found through other distribution channels.

Windows Home Premium 7 Oem or Other Oem Softwar,s >

 32-bit OEM saves you Money on the SAME software! We have been an OEM Software retailer since 1997. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions sell at lower prices because they include online manufacturer technical support, but no phone support. All of the OEM software that we sell to end-users is bundled with the FREE qualifying hardware that ensures your software is legally licensed and we offer Installation Support if you need it.

Why Tokyopc >

We would like to sales High brand Products on very low price to our customers. Important is satisfaction of our customers. Selling low creates opportunity and loyalty from our customers. It is our goal to enable resellers around the world to grow their business profitably and make Tokyopc their preferred destination.

 Where >

Our headquarters in Tokyo and our warehouse Located In Saitama-Ken, Japan. We stock 99% of everything we sell and offer same day shipping on most orders. International customers are also welcome as we currently ship to clients in various countries worldwide When > Because we focus on deals, we have a constant flow of new products through our warehouse every day. Our website is constantly updated with the new arrivals so you can quickly take advantage of these opportunity buys.

 How can ordering >

Ordering from our website is quick and simple. Please Login First for place any order, Chose products as you looking for any than provide us your shipping address finally submit your order. After placing your order. We will send you Our Bank Account information’s for (Native or to International Customer), (Post Office account information for native customers on demand).after Confirmation your payment we will send your shipping tracking number on your email. For download anti-virus software’s we will send your download link and serial number by email. Please keep your serial number and download link in your record. Buy Low Prices Software’s saves you money on leading brand software. We work hard for our customers to deliver the best prices and the best service on a broad range of software solutions, from network security to home entertainment...

 Shipping >

Free (Takiyobin) Or Shipping for End-User Only (For 1 or 2 items) More Items have to pay Shipping Charges. ForWholesaler have to pay (Takiyobin or Shipping) in Native or International both shipping conditions.Software,s shipping charges paid by customer.According to new rule in Japan some battery items can’t ship by air, but it’s possible to send by ship. ( So how long takes time to products reach you please ask first )

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We frequently run specials and closeout alerts that we broadcast to our opt-in email list. You don’t need to have a wholesale account to receive our email promotions. If you would like to begin receiving our promotional emails, click here to sign up now.

What is DSP and OEM Software,s >

DSP means "Delivery Service Partner". OEM means "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and normally would have the hardware manufacturer's name stamped on it. DSP software is similar to OEM software however there is no manufacturer's name stamped on the manual or printed on the license. DSP software is more generic and OEM software is sold directly to the computer manufacturer. Thus the distribution channel is different for DSP. DSP software is distributed for smaller system integrators and system builder hobbyists for "clone" or no-name computers. Like OEM versions, DSP versions often come with only an electronic help manual, which is built-in to the software or a small getting-started manual. The software itself contains the same programs as the Retail Box version, except the Retail Box version normally comes with a small printed manual. Both OEM and DSP Microsoft software include a COA, which is a Since DSP and OEM software is typically sold to more advanced users, system builders and computer consultants there is no technical support provided by the software manufacturer. However, because of the substantial support savings to the manufacturer the DSP and OEM versions are offered for sale at a significantly lower price. If you are not a system builder, retail computer store, or computer consultant (upgrading a computer with a hard-drive or motherboard), our DSP and OEM software products will automatically be shipped with aQualified hardware component at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Microsoft's System Builder software Program is excellent cost-saving programs that can represent great cost Savings for you and can help system builders add value to their hardware and services. What is this hardware in my package? The FREE hardware included with your shipment is packaged with the OEM or DSP software you purchased. OEM hardware is a license requirement for OEM software purchase. In other words, if you want to buy OEM software, you need to get the hardware with it. NOTE: This hardware itself is FREE; it does not cost you anything.

 What is the different between a 3 pack and singlie pack >

 A 3 Pack is for 3 computers or 3 users, and a Single is for 1 computer or 1 user.

What is difference between 3 pack and a 5 pack >

 A 3 Pack is for 3 computers or 3 users, and a 5 Pack is for 5 computers or 5 users. Questions >

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