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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 


Edge Screen offers new usage scenarios with maximum use of the screen

 Operation using full screen available! Enjoy movies using the entire main screen! Camera toolbar is displayed. Take pictures using the whole screen!

This is the first smartphone* that uses Edge Screen on the right side of the display. You can handle the smartphone more smoothly by displaying the operation bar to change operations.

  • * As of September 2014. Researched by MMD LABO (within Japan)
Display various information
Display various information

Various information can be displayed with Edge Screen.

  • * Supported applications are scheduled to be added

Feature only for au

Animated screen
Shooting star Shooting star
Cotton flower Cotton flower
Cherry blossom Cherry blossom
Heart Heart
Rainbow Rainbow
Paper airplane Paper airplane
Crystal Crystal
Bubbles Bubbles
Earth Earth
Fireworks Fireworks

Display animated notifications and message text when receiving au e-mail (@ezweb.ne.jp) and SMS.

The following setting is required to display.

  1. Drag Menu on the bottom of the Edge Screen up.
  2. [Settings]
    The Edge Screen setting menu is displayed.
  3. Touch and hold the au e-mail/SMS panel, drag your finger or S pen to the leftmost position, and release.

    Home is displayed in the leftmost panel.

    The Home panel is displayed by pressing the Home key on the Home screen.

Display example
Display example

When you receive an au e-mail or SMS, the message text is displayed after the animation.

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Bright and beautiful selfies with a wide angle up to 120 degrees*.

Take the selfies you want easier – Wide Selfie

Up to 120 degrees

  • 78°
    GALAXY Note 3

  • 90°

  • 120°
    GALAXY Note Edge
    (Wide Selfie)

With an angle up to 120 degrees, the available shooting range is even wider so you can group selfies.

  • * Maximum angle of sub camera during Wide Selfie mode.
3.7-million pixel sub camera, GALAXY's best spec ever*1
Set beautiful pictures as your wallpaper. Take shots that are approx. 60% brighter.

Take shots in QHD resolution and enjoy brighter, blur-free selfies with the F1.9 lens. This smartphone is also equipped with the most advanced functions for selfies, such as the Wide Selfie function that allows you to take wide-angle pictures.

  • *1 As of September 2014. Researched by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS JAPAN CO., LTD.
  • *2 Compared to GALAXY Note 3

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Choose. Cut. Share. Use the S Pen for more stylish results.

Achieving a feel like a normal pen – S Pen

Writing experience increased even more by boosting four sensitivities.

The sensitivity of the pen's tip has been improved 2 fold* giving you a more realistic writing experience as if writing on paper. Also, you can perform a select all for pictures and text as you would when using a mouse simply by pressing the S Pen's button and drawing a line.

  • * Compared to GALAXY Note 3
Intuitive usability that only the S Pen can achieve!
Handwrite directly into the schedule!

  • Shake

  • Decorate
  • Easily share using SNS.

Easily share pictures you take decorated using the S Pen.

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Advanced basic functions provide usability that is one step ahead.

Enjoy apps and games that run more smoothly and beautifully – 2.7GHz quad-core CPU

Graphic processing performance improved by 30%

Equipped with a 2.7GHz quad-core CPU that improves processing speed.
Furthermore, the advanced CPU improves the graphic processing performance by approximately 30% compared to the GALAXY S5.

Multi Window
Smooth operation even with 3 or more apps!

Comfortable use with Multi Window, capable of running and operating up to 7 applications simultaneously.

Clear voices during calling and recording – Noise Canceller Microphones & Voice Recorder

Pick up and record sound from 8 directions!

Microphone function has been improved.
With the Noise Canceller function that uses 3 microphones, noise is eliminated allowing you to receive a clearer sound quality for calls.
Also, the Conference mode of the Voice Recorder function determines the direction that sound is coming from and lets you play only sound from the specified direction.

Experience music with clear sound quality too – Hi-Res Support

Converted into smooth sound quality!

Playback in Hi-Res audio is supported.*
Also, with K2HD processing music data from MP3s and CDs are converted to Hi-Res thus regenerating sound information that is lost. Play back music in true high sound quality close to that of the original audio.

  • * Hi-Res audio music and earphones (sold separately) are required.

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  • Supports 4G LTE Carrier Aggregation / 4G LTE 800MHz platinum band / 4G LTE 2GHz.


  • RAM