Laptop & Desktop Repair

laptop repair singapore virus removal

Identify and remove viruses and malware

lagging slow laptop computer repair singapore

Speed up your slow and lagging computer

laptop repair singapore install harddisk windows mac linux router

Setup operating system, software & hardware

fix IT computer laptop repair singapore

Fix It
Diagnose       and repair technical issues


Our Laptop & Desktop Repair Services

  •    Slow performance of operating system
  •    Virus, malware and adware removal
  •    Unable to open important software program
  •    Computer lagging or unresponsive
  •    Re-installations of operating system
  •    PC unable to startup
  •    Remove irritating pop-ups ads
  •    Configure firewall & antivirus
  •    PC reformatting & Windows re-installations
  •    Mac OS setup and troubleshooting
  •    Re-install printer or webcam drivers
  •    Reliable and expert IT support
  •    IT consultations & more
  •    General health check & performance tune up
  •    Unable to connect to Internet
  •    Defragmentation of hard drive
  •    Familiar with branded laptop / PC or like Acer, Dell, IBM,          Lenovo, HP ,Toshiba, Sony, and any others Brand too.
  •    Hardware parts replacement like motherboard, power supply
  •    Cracked laptop screen & LCD replacement
  •    Installation of additional RAM/memory & graphic cards
  •    Diagnose motherboard and CPU

















We provide price quotation on the phone or via email. sales@tokyopc.jp or call us at  090 9106 0671 or 03 6206 4099  to get further information.